FAKTOR is an independent non-profit organization whose members are professionals in various fields such as medicine, engineering, jurisprudence, economics, etc. This association aims through various activities and programs to ensure a continuous professional development, to promote high standards of professional ethics, to enable recognition and exchange of experiences among members and to cultivate a sense of positive impact on the development of society.


To promote cooperation among members through educational, professional and social activities, and to support future leaders in the development of academic and professional knowledge, in order to be active and useful in society.


Software Freedom Day 2011

For the Software Freedom Day, the Multi-Professional Association FAKTOR organizes an event. The program of the event is this:

The event will be organized in a festive mood and there will be a cocktail for the participants. A DVD will be distributed as well to the participants, containing the movie RevolutionOS, the PortableApps, the OpenDisc, etc.

The event will happen in Tirana/Albania, on the 17th of September 2011, from 18:15pm - 21:00pm (Tirana local time). Address: Rr. Dali Ndreu, 200m mbi maternitetin e ri (search on maps.google.com for "shoqata faktor").

(See also the facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=277517865594049)


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