The Guyana Linux Users Group

The Guyana Linux Users Group will be hosting SFD 2010 in Georgetown on 18th September, 2010 . There will be another event in Berbice on 30th September, 2010

All members of the public are invited - students, teachers, people who know a lot about computers, people who know nothing about computers - to learn about Free and Open Source Software. Admission FREE

Programme for NCERD, 3 Battery Road, Kingston (west of Pegasus Hotel)

Saturday 18th September, 2010 starting at 1pm


Learning about different types of FOSS and current trends


"Drupal and IT entrepreneurship"
Presented by Eldon Marks. Eldon Marks is the founder of mark's logic. He is a lecturer at the University of Guyana and his research interests include Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction


"Ubuntu 10.04 on a laptop"
Presented by Global Technology one of Guyana's largest IT training institutions.


"Deploying online surveys using LimeSurvey"
Presented by Christopher Lawrence. Christopher Lawrence is the founder of CirrusMultimedia. Chris has experience with different FOSS applications, including Sahana, a specific application used in disaster management and recovery


"Open source innovation Guyana : How do we realise the benefits of FOSS?"
This discussion would be facilitated by Vidyaratha Kissoon from DevNet.


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