Parnaíba is a port city in Piauí, Brazil, on the right bank of the Parnaíba River, 360 km north of the capital, Teresina. It is one of the only four coastal cities of the state. Parnaíba is situated at the point where the most easterly of the delta outlets, or channels, called the Rio Igaraçu, branches off from the main stream. All the outlet channels of the river are obstructed by bars built up by the strong current along the Atlantic coast, and only vessels of light draught can enter. The town has some buildings of the old Portuguese type, including two churches and a fine hospital. Parnaíba is the commercial entrepôt of the state; its exports go chiefly through the small port of Amarração, at the mouth of the Rio Igaraçu, 18 km. away. The city itself does not have much of an economic support apart from exports an although it does have some attraction it lacks of support by the federal government. Religion plays a large role in everyday life,about 97% of the population is religious. As of 2003 the population- 70,000. Parnaiba has an eolic park, Pedra do Sal beach. Pedra do Sal is the only beach of that city. The city also has a big perimeter of irrigation called Tabuleiros Litoraneos (TB). Tabuleiros litoraneos has approximately 10 thousand hectares of irrigated land. It is sunny all year long in Parnaiba, thus is very good to agriculture. Many producers from the southern Brazil are producing organic acerola to the production vitamin C. Near Tabuleiros Litoraneos, a processing zone of exportation is being installed. The city of Parnaiba also has 5 universities. These universities a formed by people of different states. The city also has a research center of EMBRAPA. Parnaíba-Prefeito Dr. João Silva Filho International Airport is capable of receiving domestic and international services although currently there are no scheduled operations at the site.


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