Auckland Software Freedom Drove

The Name

We needed a team name - I had put down Auckland SFD - and promptly got told to go think up a team name. So in keeping with the original name, I just needed a word, meaning "group" that starts with a "D" so I went looking for animal groups names (you know the ones - things like a gander of geese and a murder or crows). The one that fit seemed to be a drove of asses. The only other option was a drift of bees.

Our Plans

Software Freedom Day in Auckland has always been a bit more... lose in definition. We've taken a very liberal view and do a SFD weekend instead.

So on Friday, there's a gaming night at Albany Senior High School. Details to come.

On Saturday, we're just about to book a venue (it's been donated though there are still some costs involved). None of these are confirmed just yet but:


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