Nimbin FLOSS Brigade

We're spreading the word about open source, net neutrality, and free software applications for all platforms here in Northern Rivers.

The Nimbin SFD event will bring an alternative flavour; providing "open source" (i.e. recipe provided) food, projections of movies made using open source tools, and some very special steampunk hardware from up in the hills of Nimbin.

There will be a forum on the relevance of free software in dealing with the issues raised by Cleanfeed (the "Packet Proof Fence")

Bookmark this page for more detail and updates nearer the time.

We are looking for interesting presentations, ideas, and pieces of kit related to the themes of Software Freedom Day and Steampunk (just because).

If you want to get involved, or you have an amazing idea which you want us to steal redistribute face-to-face with a creative commons attrib-no-deriv license, please email:

jay [dot] stephens [at] gmail [dot] com (if you put SFD2010 in the subject line, it might even get through my spam filter)


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