SFD Newcastle

The Software Freedom Day Newcastle team is drawn from the Tyneside LUG (Linux User Group) and the SuperMondays communities.

We will be at the Central Library in Newcastle on September 18th between 1pm and 4pm (or 13:00 to 16:00). We are on the 2nd floor opposite the lifts just around the corner from the cafe. i.e. the entrance that faces towards main shopping street. This map shows where the library is.

We will have lots of Ubuntu 10.04 and OpenDisc CDs to give away, and there will be people there to show you software for both Windows and Linux that is completely Free as in Freedom. It's also Free as in beer as a side-effect! So come on down and meet some people from the LUG and SuperMondays and see what Free software can do for you today.

The Tyneside LUG

The Tyneside LUG is a UK Linux User Group that helps anyone who is interesting in learning about or using the GNU/Linux operating system and its ecosystem of software. Members of the LUG use Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, SuSE, Debian as well as more obscure distributions. The group has an active mailing list and meets the first Saturday of the month at the Discovery Museum.


SuperMondays is a strong and vibrant community of IT enthusiasts based in The North East of England. We meet up once a month for a range of IT user group meetings and some unstructured discussions. There is no membership, no fees and no rules... the community is basically undefined! If you want to attend then just come along. We also have a video that introduces the group and some people that go to it. 4pm


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