TayLUG/Abertay Linux Society

Software Freedom Day - Dundee - 18th September 2010

The Dundee & Tayside Linux Users Group (TayLUG ) and the University of Abertay Dundee (UAD) Linux Society are proud to announce

Software Freedom Day 18th September 2010

10am - 4pm


Hannah Maclure Centre, University of Abertay Dundee

Hannah Maclure Centre
University of Abertay Dundee
Top Floor Student Centre
1 - 3 Bell Street
Dundee, DD1 1HP
01382 308324


Software Freedom Day is celebrated every year on a Saturday in September where Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enthusiasts give talks and demonstrations to the general public on what free software is about. This year there will be talks and demonstrations explaining about free software with the handing out of live free software CD's and USB flash drives. There will also be people there to help out the public on any questions they want to ask.


The schedule for talks this year is:

* Nicholas Walker : What is Free Software and why is it important?

* Christopher Wyllie : Open Source Software for students.

* Kris Findlay : Android and Embedded Linux.

* James Carter : Linux development using mono, c# & .net

* Arron Finnon : Breaking SSL

* Axel Bonneman : Open Street Map.


There are a large number of demonstrations running all day... Where we will be demonstrating the best of Free and Open Source Software. Demo's include:

* Paul Lancaster : Making music with Ubuntu Studio.

* Gordon Dunlop : Virtual Machines.

* Huntly Cameron : Ubuntu for beginners.

* Robert Mcwilliam : Arduinos running free software

* Kris Findlay : Joggler & OLPC.

* Nicholas Walker : Netbooks.

* Robert Ladyman : Dual booting Win 7 & Ubuntu


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