Nis, Srbija

Niš (Serbian: Ниш, pronounced [niːʃ] (Turkish: Niş, Greek: Ναϊσσός, Naïssós, English sometimes Nissa[3]) is a city in Nišava District, Serbia situated at 43.3° N 21.9° E, on the Nišava River. With more than 253,077 inhabitants it is the largest city in southern Serbia and the third-largest city in the country (not including Kosovo and Metohia), after Belgrade and Novi Sad, according to the data from May 2009. The city covers an area of about 597 square kilometers, including the city of Niš itself, the Niška Banja spa and 68 suburbs. Niš Constantine the Great Airport (Аеродром Константин Велики) is its international airport with the destination code INI. Niš is the administrative center of the Nišava District of Serbia.


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