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萬寧國小承辦人謝家豪老師表示,目前針對學校教育系統量身訂做一套自由軟體- Skolelinux,它提供了一個完整的系統,從中央伺服器中運行的所有學校需要的服務,到學生在課堂上使用的桌面軟體,包括超過 80 種內訂安裝的教育用途應用軟體,參加者還贈送一片自由軟體的光碟 ,學生將因參與和分享知識而獲得成長,進而變得出類拔萃。


Wan-Ning Elementary School in Fuli Town, Hualien County, Taiwan is the first public institute in eastern Taiwan joining more than fourteen hundred organizations worldwide to celebrate the Software Freedom Day(SFD), which falls on the 3rd Saturday of every September since 2006aiming to promote awareness of Free Software and its virtues and encouragement of its use.

On behalf of Wan-Ning elementary school,principal Siang-Ping Siong welcomes people in the local community aswell as any visitors to attend the Free Software Discovery Day celebration program in her school. It is a hands-on excursion dedicatedto SFD celebration.

The Education Department of Hualien County announced the program, and Andrew Lee, an official developer of Debian project and the CEO of Liqun ICT Ltd, will direct the service.

Principal Siong is one of the visionary supporters for Open Software adoption in Taiwan.

After undertaking the principalship this past summer, she worked with her staff and endeavored in Taiwan the first acceptance of Skolelinux(as known as DebianEdu), which is a scalable and centralized learning environment from intelligent servers to miscellaneous student accounts management and desktop designs.

With more than 80 educational software pre-installed, this rich sets of learning oriented programs in Skolelinux has made learning fun and rewarding for her students. Skolelinux can also make sharing experience among students productively.

Students can grow their knowledge naturally and excel in the areas they work on under Skolelinux.There are limited seats available at the computer room at Wan-Ning elementary school.

The SFD program starts at 8:30 this coming Saturday.

There will also be a freebie of Free Software DVD for distribution.

Please come and join the celebration, principal Siong said. 檢視完整地圖






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