FOSS Community, University of Moratuwa, Faculty Of information Technology

On the 17th of September, a group of students from the faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa in collaboration with INTECS has decided to conduct a FOSS awareness session to commemorate the software freedom day which falls on the 18th of September. We at the faculty of Information Technology wish to take the initiative in inculcating the importance and to encourage adoption of free software and open standards amongst university students.


Students from all the faculties in the university are participated for the event to celebrate the software freedom day and they are engrossed in the adaptation of free software and open standards. A series of awareness sessions were conducted with the intention of taking the concept of FOSS forward to the next level. The main areas which covered on that day spans from giving an introduction to the FOSS industry, introducing FOSS communities around the world, Overview of popular FOSS products, Means of developing and marketing FOSS products and explanation of FOSS licences.


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