Tacloban City

The City of Tacloban (Filipino: Lungsod ng Tacloban, Waray: Siudad han Tacloban, simplified Chinese: 独鲁万; traditional Chinese: 獨魯萬) is a port city approximately 360 miles southeast of Manila. It is the first in Eastern Visayas to be classified as a Highly Urbanized City. It is the capital of Philippine province of Leyte. It is the largest city in terms of population [5] and considered as the regional center of Eastern Visayas or Region VIII. It briefly became the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth Government from October 20, 1944 to February 27, 1945.

In an extensive survey conducted by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center and released in July 2010, Tacloban City was ranked among the top ten most competitive cities in the Philippines. Tacloban ranked fifth overall, and second among the emerging cities category.


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