North Cotabato

Cotabato province is one of the most beautiful provinces in Mindanao. Like a jewel it is still very rough waiting to be polished in due time.

The province has all the best potential tourism sites but it is untapped and unexploited. Ligawasan marsh the snaking Pulangi River, caves, numerous water falls and hot springs are waiting to be re-discovered.

Kidapawan, Magpet and Makilala or KMM is one of the locations where tourism potential is at its best. KMM is the gateway to Mt. Apo Natural Park, the Philippines highest at 10,311 ft. above sea level. It has numerous rivers and springs, waterfalls and hot springs. The Mt Apo Natural Park is abundant with exotic flora and fauna, the home of the Philippine Eagle.

Experience the power of nature at the peak of Mt. Apo, the magical charisma of lake Venado that inspires many essays and photos, watch the playful macaques as they mingle and blend with humans in the hidden religious world of the Moncadista in New Israel.

Indulge and feel the therapeutic effect of the many hot springs, bathe at the rivers and water falls, feel the solitude in the midst of the urban life. Nature will claim you in KMM eco-tourism triangle.

KMM has a very rich tribal culture and heritage, watch the traditional rituals and mimic the dances of the Manobo during festivals. The exotic fruits are bountiful; dare the Timpupo festival and eat all your heart out at the streets during the peak of the celebration.


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