Systems Plus College Foundation - College of Information Technology Education

In response to the school's thrust in keeping pace with the demands of global competitiveness in this information age, the College of Information Technology was established with the following objectives:

The college offers Master in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major in Multimedia and Graphic Design, and Bachelor of Science in Information Management.

The core of the programs' curriculum provides the students with the acquisition of high level of knowledge of both theories and applications in the Information Technology profession. In addition, appropriate electives on the current trends and issues are integrated to further enhance the programs.


An educational institution committed to EXCELLENCE

Systems Plus College Foundation is pledged to the Advancement of an individual for SERVICE TO GOD AND THE COMMUNITY

CITE Vision

Consistent with the school's philosophy "Commitment to Excellence", the College of Information Technology Education (CITE) continuously strives to maintain its flagship in Computer Studies by expanding pedagogical approaches and integrating technology in order to prepare the students to successfully participate in the emerging and competitive global economy. The CITE is recognized as the intellectual resource center in the region.

In pursuit of the College Vision, the CITE is committed to achieve the following objectives:


The SFD SPCF-CITE Team is composed by the Faculty Members of the Systems Plus College Foundation – College of Information Technology (Balibago, Angeles City Campus) that has an advocacy to promote and adapt FOSS in Academe. The participation of the SPCF-CITE to the Software Freedom Day started on September 2009 which was initiated by the institute’s former College Dean Prof. Grace Fabros-Tyler in coordination with 8layer Technologies SFD Team. In this year (2010), the SPCF-CITE Team was registered to softwarefreedomday.org on August 2010 as an organizer and participant of the global event initiated and headed by Engr. Nestle R. Juco and his SPCF-CITE Team.


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