Jordan Open Source Association

Jordan Open Source Association is a community-based movement created to promote Open Source and Free Culture in Jordan and the Arab World.

The association was established in October 2009 in order to include all the Open Source supporters in Jordan within one single entity. The biggest part of the founders came from Jordan University of Science and Technology where there are two Open Source student clubs, JUST Open Source Group and JUST MozillaClub, today these two organization still work and are considered two members of the Jordan Open Source Association.

The Association is the biggest movement in Jordan to promote Open Source and it consists of high-qualified IT professionals, enthusiast students as well as the less tech-savvy average users.

Activities of Jordan Open Source Association

We provide training courses about Linux, PHP, MySql and other Open Source technologies most needed by the Jordanian market. We also held Linux installation festivals, and we provided face-to-face support to members.

In addition to courses, we organize meetings with international Open Source experts and lectures presented by well-known specialists.


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