Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group

Welcome our Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group!

Since Oracle acquision,We have much silence because Oracle has'nt had positive activities with us.but Garrtte getting started 'Illumos',which OpenSolaris ON(Core) for communities.we should getting restarted,we should celebrate Software Freedom.

About US

If you are interested in Japan or Japanese technology or if you ever come to Tokyo for business or pleasure, then please feel free to subscribe to our list on opensolaris.org. You don't have to live in Tokyo to participate. We'll be talking about all things OpenSolaris and FOSS with everyone around the world. All communities welcome. All technologies welcome. All nationalities welcome. All languages welcome. All skills welcome.

Also, we are most interested in collaborating with other FOSS communities in Tokyo -- especially the Japanese OpenSolaris Community, the Tokyo Linux User Group, and the BSD Community.

Email: <ug-tsug AT opensolaris DOT org>

Stay tuned the page!

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