Team name

Iran - Mashhad Linux users group, MashhadLUG

SFD 2010

We are going to make the most wonderful Software freedom day party and install fest this year with the best programs and staffs! :)

SFD 2009

In 2009 we held Ubuntu Install Fest in Pars Hotel in Mashhad. Despite our highly lack of equipment, it was great and participants were all satisfied with their installations and helpings.

SFD 2008

We had more than 300 gusts that lots of them took part eagerly.

We also installed about 40 systems successfully despite 2 systems that encountered with some hardware errors (a power failure and a strange SATA hard).

Despite our limitation for finding place and some governmental limitation for the gatherings like this that should have governmental or organizational agreements, we held it by asking a learning institute for a place and linuxshop.ir pay for posters.

We began our schedule in more than 3 weeks before the party and all the team members came at least 2 hours before start.

it was great :-)

the complete Persian & English report: http://www.mashhadlug.org/node/34

You may find some pictures here:



SFD 2007

we held a Software Freedom Day 2007 in Mashhad. It was also an install fest. As lots of people said, this was the greatest install fest in Iran so far. After this, we found MashhadLUG and we are going to hold another great install fest in Software Freedom Day. Iranian people really like Linux and we can see the eagerness in LUGs and meetings. We need some stuffs and also advertisement.

You may see the Persian page for posters and banners (thanks to our artwork team) with a few pictures here: http://wiki.ubuntu.ir/MashhadTeam/InstallFests/13860623

team contact

You may need more info: take a look at: http://www.MashhadLUG.org mail me: mohi.pub [AT] gmail


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