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Web Club NITK is a group of motivated, passionate students who provide help, technical support, education (in the form of talks, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, code showcases...), fun (in the form of contests, events, discussions, brainstorming sessions...) to each other as well as to anyone else who is interested; other students, faculty, and any other denizen of NITK (National Institute of Technology Karnataka) Surathkal.

Through its annual activities (the Software Freedom Day celebrations and within it, Install Fest) - Web Club reaches out to the students as well as to the faculty of NITK, and showcases free and open alternatives to paid software.

At Install Fest, Web Club performs installations of GNU/Linux OSes (primarily Ubuntu and Fedora) as well as Free and Open Software, while explaining how to install and how to use them.

Web Club NITK is the primary student association at NITK Surathkal that promotes the FSF and FOSS philosophy. We love what we do, and we learn a lot from it too.

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