ECOSS was established as a platform for open-source enthusiasts in the year 2008 at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of Roland Institute of Technology, Surya vihar Berhampur. Since its inception, ECOSS has been on the forefront of free software distribution and collaboration in the southern Orissa. The goal of ECOSS is to establish a technical consortium for interaction among budding engineers and to interface them with the industry leaders developing and deploying open source based software and solutions. This year ECOSS is collaborating with CDAC and !DeepRootLinux Pvt. Ltd. to bring the best brains of India to the reach of the young open source enthusiasts.

  1. Sunil Kumar Sahu - President "Compiler should always be Platform Independent"
  2. Manik Chand Patnaik - Secratary "Freedom Consultant"
  3. Manmohan Brahma - Team Leader "Ask me about GNU/Linux OS"
  4. K.Sai Kiran - Team Executive "Work with open source to make money"
  5. P.Divya- Team Executive "I play with firefox"
  6. Purushottam Kumar - Team Executive "I create web , powered by LAMP"
  7. Hrudaya P. Dash - Team Executive "Fine Arts with GIMP and Inkscape"
  8. Bapin Tripathy - Team Executive "Education should be open for all"
  9. Sandeepan Patra - Team Executive "Let's learn Linux and make others learn"
  10. Abhishek David - Team Executive "Say everything to the world"
  11. Neetasha Patnaik – Team Executive “I create contents”
  12. Pravin Kumar - Team Executive "Creating awareness"

This year we are very happy to inform you all about the great support by National Informatics Center , India. Mr. R K Dash [Scientist E] NIC Berhampur is coordinating in all regards of promoting open source.

The forum is going to organize the SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY 2010 on 18th September 2010. The program has the intention to train the B.Tech , MCA , BSc[CS] , BCA students about the flavour of Open Source Software.

The Course module has been categorised into two parts.

1. The 1st & Second Year B.Tech, BCA , BSc[CS] & MCA Batch.

2. The 3rd & Final Year B.Tech , BCA , BSc[CS] & MCA Batch.

The programme would for 5 days. The entire 4 days will be used for the training purpose as per the course module and the 5th day that is on 18 th September 2010 there would be various open source apptitude examinations. The 5th day will also be used for some short of cultural activities. Moreover there would be a keynote speaker that will be inviting from a govt. organization who will be kinly endulged with open source technologies.

The details of the programme can be found from the site http://www.ecoss.in

For further details u can contact us @


Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Roland Institute of Technology

Surya Vihar , At Po: Golanthara




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