2010AfricaZambiaCopperbelt Team Software Freedom Day has been formulated for the purpose of giving awareness and promoting Software Freedom Day objectives and activities to the community. The Team will organise hands-on practices and share FLOSS Software products such as UBUNTU, Okawix, Mozila Firefox etc. This will enable the community to understand the importance of using Open Source Software products with the view of encouraging the community to migrate to Open Source Software.

Team Leader

Misheck Mutuzana email: mutuzana@yahoo.com/mutuzana@gmail.com

Team Members

Gonzalo Portal, Peter Walinkonde, Brian Musongo, Kennedy Musenge, Augustine Mwasha, Geofrey Muhango, WinWright Kalimanshi, FirzPatrick Chisanga, Colado Mweemba, Br. Maxwell Hibajane

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