Uganda Linux User Group

The Uganda Linux User Group is a community organization dedicated to the promotion and discussion of innovative open-source technology.

We endeavor to promote the growth of a vibrant, active, unified open-source community by offering education, discussion, and support through our website, mailing-list, on-line chat-room, and monthly events.

The Uganda LUG believes that free and open-source software can offer great benefits not only to Uganda and the East African region, but to the entire world.

Date/time: Sat, 2010/09/18 - 09:00 - 18:00

Location: Nakumatt Oasis Mall


Event Outline:

We will be setting up a public kiosk/table at Nakumatt/Oasis Mall

We have 200 copies of a customized version of Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS to hand out members of the public.

We will be showing off a One Laptop Per Child laptop.

If available we will demonstrate 3G Dongle Internet connection, running off an N900 Phone or MTN Wireless connection.

Run demos of Gaming on linux. - We have System Shock 2 and Hitman Codename 47 now running!

We will also have a team from WebERP to demonstrate this ERP. As well as OpenERP

In addition we hope to meet new people and make some new friends!


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