101 Reasons to use FOSS

There are definitely a lot of reasons why we use FOSS / Systems, that's why we are creating this list to help spreading the words to the mass public. It's always an on-going list please feel free to add yours. If you find good source / reference article of benefits explaining some points, please help to link to the relevant points as well.

  1. Freedom matters! (freedom to create, share, invent, collaborate, learn and modify)

  2. Free of cost (not always but you always have choice) why?

  3. Lots of choice, not only what to use but also how to use it
  4. No vendor lock in
  5. FOSS encourages open standards (odt, png ..)
  6. Fewer viruses (for GNU/Linux systems)
  7. It's the best way to avoid piracy

  8. Everybody can try and play

  9. Promotes transparency and accountability, you (can) know what you are installing and using
  10. Free software gives you back control over your computer

  11. Lots of community support, you can even get to talk to the people who developed the software

  12. Cross-platform
  13. Foster real innovation and creativity

  14. Promotes honesty as there are lots of honest quality referees
  15. Fights monopoly
  16. Promotes free market competition and creates lots of business opportunities
  17. Keen competition helping to keep things move forward
  18. It doesn't belong to any company, it belongs to us
  19. Brings together people from all over the world
  20. The most powerful way to build software as anybody can join in
  21. Has passionate communities full of passionate people
  22. Rewards skill, ingenuity and willingness to learn
  23. An outcome of cooperation and collaboration
  24. It succeeds on its own merits – even marketing cannot save crappy software
  25. It doesn't exclude anybody and its door is always open
  26. Lots of free tutorials you to learn from
  27. It accommodates everybody, from beginner to expert, from children to elder
  28. It promotes knowledge sharing and allows everybody to learn from each other
  29. It encourages easy customization, as we don't believe one product suits everybody
  30. It doesn't sacrifice quality as there is no deadline – developers keep working until their product is perfect
  31. NASA uses FOSS as it allows them to do things on a massive scale at little cost

  32. You are free to localize it and share it with your country (esp. for those countries that companies believe they are not profitable for sales)

  33. GNU/Linux systems are famous for reliability and stability

  34. Governments choose FOSS for its high level of security
  35. Eye candy e.g. 3D Desktop - Compiz Fusion

  36. Derivative works allow people to package software so that it interacts more seamlessly
  37. Provides cheap and accessible platforms to prototype new ideas
  38. Reduces the gap between software "producers" and "consumers"
  39. A great learning platform for students.
  40. It can stop 95% of computer users from being called 'pirates'.
  41. Open standards benefit everyone.
  42. Knowledge is meant to be shared.
  43. Weave your own code.
  44. No Windows, no Gates. Just open doors to a free world.
  45. Some things are simply beyond profit-alone approaches.
  46. Not prone to virii, crashes, instability.
  47. The corporate world uses it. Big time.
  48. It's there everywhere in, the internet infrastructure space.
  49. If you have no language solutions for your computers, you can create it.
  50. It doesn't encourage the culture of dependency and helplessness.
  51. The sharing culture promotes learning.
  52. It creates a meritocracy, where racism, class, geography have no place.
  53. romotes amazing diversity in global computing, like no corporate can.
  54. Promotes affordable computing, specially critical in the Third World.
  55. Doesn't place legal computing power beyond the reach of the bulk of the planet.

    100. The best things in life are Free.

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