SFD Countdown

Currently available in: English - Portuguese-Brasil - Portuguese-Portugal - Fran├žais - Chinese simplified - Spanish - Catalan - German

Needs help for translation:

In order to enable a additional language here is the process:

  1. Download source files or create your own based on it. We've used VDS Fonts and Averia fonts on top of the SFD specific logo fonts. For Chinese we're using the AR PL Sungtil GB.

  2. If you're translating while there are still more than 99 days left:
    • Generate 99 'days' +3 banners: max date left down to 01 countdown, a 'get ready for', a 'today' one and a 'see you next year' one
  3. If you're translating and the coundtown has already started:
    • Generate as many days left +2 banners: max date left down to 01 countdown, a 'today' one and a 'see you next year' one
  4. Create a <insert you language code here> sub-page, if it doesn't exist yet and upload all your png images (and translated source files eventually, tar.gz or zipped). Just overwrite the old files and keep the source file of previous years (add the year in the file name)

  5. Email the sfd-discuss@ or localization@ mailing list letting us know, so we can add one language to the script

Check the English sub-page to verify what is exactly needed, files names and correct size (160x90).

Since we are a global celebration it was important to support the various time zones spreading from UTC-12 to UTC+14 and various languages. Now we have a strong base done for a few languages but we can only add more.

So for someone wanting to add the English version of the countdown and living at UTC-4 (EDT) the link to the banner will be:

<a href="https://www.softwarefreedomday.org/"><img src="https://www.softwarefreedomday.org/countdown/banner1-UTC-4-en.png" border="0" width="160" height="90" alt="Celebrate SFD with us on September 21, 2019!"></a>

The code that we are using is available here.

SVG dynamic version

Is still a working project, but it aims to have the countdown vectorized and displayed natively on modern browsers.


Is dynamic, it will allow to pull down the locale of the browser, as well as the current date, and adjust to the start date, this will help the user not be able to think about it or reutilize the code for future countdowns. Just set up the date and watch the magic work.

Is open standard, SVG is a W3C open standard which allow people to implement it not only on browsers but phones as widgets withought much change to the code.

Is vectorial, which can be as big as is needed or as small as a phone widget for example.

Is small, since is only SVG, the file is tiny, instead of generating multiple instance of images, it only have to carry one with very few lines of code. Current size is only 34k.

To Do

Currently this version can update the amount of days.

  1. Need to be tested on many browsers.
  2. Design needs to be adjusted to the current template.
  3. Localization script needs to be written.
  4. Datasources, if we need external datasource, they need to be assigned.



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