Frederick Open Source

FOS, in Frederick, MD, US, is all about Linux and the Open Source ethos, and is for anyone who is

• curious about Linux,

• seeking alternatives to Windows,

• seeking to advance their Linux knowledge and skills,

• seeking alternatives to common proprietary software (including to run on Windows and Mac),

• a developer or other IT professional seeking to better apply their craft in Linux environments,

• a Linux admin or other Linux professional seeking career networking opportunities (patience and comfort with non-professionals and willingness to help them use Linux, and skill in a teaching role, are all greatly valued in FOS).

The 2020 SFD event for FOS is listed at: https://www.meetup.com/FrederickOpenSource/events/271719804/

This group is also intended for STEM students to experience the potential of Linux and associated open source software, and consider the value of a career in this field.

Meeting topics cover a range of experience levels from beginner through advanced professional.

Oh, and we have a lot of fun doing this too!

Resources and References about Linux and Open Source (https://www.meetup.com/FrederickOpenSource/pages/19878711/References_and_Resources_about_Linux/)


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