PBSFG is hosting a virtual event for international Software Freedom Day. Software Freedom Day provides a good opportunity to network with other software users and/or programmers and discuss your favorite software. Find out where to get free Open Source software. Learn what's out there and how to use it. Explore what's available in multimedia from Creative Commons and public domain resources. Join us to discuss free programs. Find new software and resources for programmers, writers, musicians, artists and hobbyists. Share some of your own favorites.

The plan is to go virtual this year. We'll still be here to discuss and share our favorite Free, Open Source and Libre software (for computers and mobile devices) and our favorite Creative Commons resources. Also hoping to add some information on the topic of C programming and what FLOSS C libraries, resources and programs are freely available.

The event will be the morning of September 13th. Exact time and virtual location in September is to be determined. It will be added here when available. So, check back just before the event. You can also check the PBSFG Facebook page for more details and updates.

The event will be held in conjunction with LibreMiami this year. They have expertise in topics such as Librebooting, Jitsi and using Free/Libre software for various projects. We hope to have a virtual Google Meet room and a virtual Jitsi room available for an introductory FLOSS discussion and a more advanced discussion.


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