This year, Open Source Ascol Circle(OSAC) and ASCOL IT Club, are celebrating SFD 2020 ASCOL collaboratively with the slogan “Use of Open Source in Pandemic and Its impacts”. The main event will occur on 19th September 2020. We have planned this event to be beneficial for people from different sectors closely related to Information Technology. The goal is to encourage its integration in different sectors. This event will have project showcases, poetry, music, interactive games, speeches from renowned figures on open source, and panel discussion on “Use of Open Source in Pandemic and Its impacts”.

Program Summary

* Date: 19th September 2020

* Time: 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM

* Via: Zoom, meet

* Theme: Use of Open Source in Pandemic and It's impacts


1. Sanjay Poudel

2. Dinesh P. Chapagain

3. Budh Ram Gurung

4. Ravi Bhattarai

5. Prakash Poudel

6. Dipti Gautam

7. Aju Tamang

8. Prajin Khadka

9. Mahesh Regmi


11:00 AM - Opening Ceremony | Speaker Sessions

12:10 PM - Poetry With Kabir Kafka

11:00APM - Python Workshop (by Python Users Group Nepal)

01:30 PM - Lunch and Refreshments

02:00 PM - Panel Discussion ("Use of Open Source in Pandemic and It's impacts")

03:00 PM - Singing with Karna Bahadur Shrestha

03:40 PM - Closing Ceremony

Working Teams

* SFD Hosting Team | Lead by Sambhav Bhurtel / Manjila Nepali

* SFD Finance Team | Lead by Safal Thapa / Sandip Basnet

* SFD Artworks Team | Lead by Kritika Poudel / Bishal Chapagain/

* SFD Speaker Co-ordination | Lead by Sandip Basnet / Ramesh Shah / Pujan Thapa

* SFD Administration and Communication Team | Lead by Manish Adhikari / Sandip Basnet

* SFD Logistics/Resources Team | Lead by Kreetika Paudel / Manjila Nepali

* SFD Media Team | Lead by All

* SFD Social Media Team | Lead by Rabindra Pangeni / Chiranjibi Shrestha

* SFD Technical Session/Panel Team | Lead by Ramesh Shah / Chiranjibi Shrestha /

* SFD Event Co-ordination Team | Lead by Sandip Basnet

* SFD Volunteer Co-ordination Team | Lead by Chiranjibi Shrestha

Organizers and Volunteers

Kreetika Paudel

Bishal Chapagain

Ramesh Shah

Dikpal Khatri Chhetry

Chiranjibi Shrestha

Sambhav Bhurtel

Safal Thapa

Manjila Nepali

Nigita Kumal

Nirmal Rijal

Pujan Thapa

Rabindra Pangeni

Sandip Basnet

Celebrating Partners

1. FOSS Nepal

2. CSIT Association of Nepal

3. Python User Group Nepal

4. Nepal Cloud Professionals

5. Ask Buddie

Media Partners

1. ICT Byte

Event HashTags

1. #SFD2020

2. #SFD2020NP

3. #SFD2020KTM

4. #SFD2020ASCOL

5. #SFD2020OSAC

6. #VirtualSFD

Blogs Coverage

1. http://osacascol.blogspot.com/2020/09/osac-organizing-sfd-2020-virtually-call.html

2. https://ictbyte.com/nepal/sandip-basnet-software-freedom-day-2020/

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