Team name

The Commons Initiative at SF State University. http://commons.sfsu.edu/

Commons Initiative at SF State

The Commons Initiative at San Francisco State University, will set up a table in the plaza in front of our student center and pass out CDs and spread the word on Free and Open Source Software.We have several FOSS projects on campus.

The mission of The Commons Initiative at SF State is two-fold:

  1. To connect people, so they can communicate their ideas, and collaborate on projects in the digital commons space at SF State.
  2. To foster an environment where SF State commons can participate in the commons worldwide.

Team Contact: Sameer Verma Contact information: sverma@sfsu.edu or Commons Initiative at commons@sfsu.edu

Events (these will be on campus, on Thursday, Sept 18, 2014) 10am - 2pm:

Look for our table close to the Cezar Chavez Student Center and the J. Paul Leonard Library corner (hint: Look for Malcolm X Plaza on the map).



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