Portales Linux Users Group (PLUG)

The Portales Linux Users Group (PLUG)exists to spread the acceptance and adoption of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in the eastern New Mexico and west Texas area, as well as any where else we can afford to go.

The group meets every Friday at a mostly traditional location (Do Drop Inn cafe) to discuss: the current state and application of FOSS and GNU/Linux; as well as the quality of coffee served; methods and techniques to improve the roasting, grinding, and preparation of coffee (preferably through the application of FOSS and open source hardware where available); the current application and quality of green chile; computer security and means to achieve adequate levels of such security through the application of FOSS; whether there exists, in fact, an adequate level of computer security; why the hell we are unable to achieve a reliable connection to the cafe's wifi network; how we can convince other computer owners like the cafe proprietor to adopt Linux and FOSS solutions; establish, once and for all, the supremacy of a single Linux distribution; and compare/contrast the relative lifting capabilities of the African versus European Swallow.


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