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SFD 2013 at Kwartzlab, a makerspace in Kitchener

Kitchener-Waterloo SFD at Kwartzlab


There were about 45 people at Kwartzlab for Software Freedom Day and the GNU 30th Anniversary. There will be pictures and video posted here shortly, in the meantime there are previews on ownCloud from Laurel L. Russwurm and Bob Jonkman.

On Saturday, 28 September 2013 Kwartzlab, Kitchener-Waterloo's makerspace, will be hosting Software Freedom Day.

What: Software Freedom Day, of course
When: Saturday, 28 September 2013, 10:00am to 6:30pm (iCal)
Where: Kwartzlab, 33 Kent Ave., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (Map)

Listen to the Kwartzlab Radio podcast: Paul Nijjar talks about SFD with hosts Darcy Casselman and Bevan Lantz.


Bob Jonkman: Building Your Own Cloud

Bob Jonkman: http://bob.jonkman.ca/blogs/bobjonkman/

A demonstration of ownCloud, a popular cloud service that you can run yourself. Bob will demonstrate the ownCloud distribution from TurnKey Linux.

Rick Jenkins: Blender

Rick Jenkins: https://plus.google.com/113939156499466520382/about

Blender: it's more than meets the eye...sure you can make snazzy 3D objects in Blender, and sure you make them move around/animate, but did you know you can build games in Blender? Did you know you can use Blender to add effects to live action films, or put them together to make a movie, or add a sound track and sound effects to the whole thing?

Did you know Blender has been used to create several short, and not so short films? Did you know Blender will work on any [platform]OS, be it Windows, OSx or Linux? Did you know all of this comes free?

Watch and learn just how exciting, useful and fun Blender can be, how you too can use Blender to answer your needs!

Raul Suarez: The GNU Project

Raul Suarez: http://rarsa.blogspot.ca/

If you use free software, most likely you owe it to the GNU project whether you know it or not.

For 30 years the GNU project has been an essential component of free software.

In this talk Raul will take us through its history and impact on software freedom.

James Kelsh: Knoppix

James Kelsh: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/jim-kelsh-cga-certifr/1/676/41b

What if you could try Linux on your computer for free, without changing anything on your hard drive?

What if the Linux you wanted to try has everything included such as games, office suite, virus scanning software, network troubleshooting utilities, graphics, web browsers?

What if you could put this Linux on a USB stick that you could carry around with you and it could be set up to remember wireless passwords and your preferences on the stick itself?

What if this Linux was created and maintained by a really nice German man named Klaus Knopper who helps Linux users in a Linux Magazine column?

Well, you've got it all! It is called Knoppix, and I want to show you how to download it, burn it to a DVD, put it on a USB stick and have a great time with it!

Charles McColm: XBMC: Build Your Own Entertainment System

Charles McColm: http://charlesmccolm.com/about-us/about-charles/

Build your own entertainment system without breaking the bank. Stream your movies, television show collection or music to any room. Access terabytes of entertainment data on your phone or tablet. Learn why FLOSS is such a great solution for home entertainment.

Joe Almeida: Beagle Bone Black for Beginners

Joe Almeida: http://www.skymariner.net

Have you ever wanted to experiment with a small computer that runs Linux, that could be used to control things, and make it accessible via the web? Well the Beagle Bone Black is the device for you. A small computer with an Altoid tin form factor, with a 1 Ghz processor, Angstrom Linux, Node.js as the development environment, and more pins than a Voodoo doll can take - the Beagle Bone Black is a first class device for web enabled, Linux powered controllers. Join me as we explore the Beagle Bone Black.


If you want to help plan, organize, present, participate or otherwise lend a helping hand, please contact Paul Nijjar at sfd@theworkingcentre.org and he'll add you to the sfd-planning mailing list.


Here are some ideas and materials to help promote Software Freedom Day:

GNU 30th anniversary celebration

Here is a Google+ posting: https://plus.google.com/113242521569190236474/posts/AEutGSKmMS5

Here is a Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/656599614350426/

If you want to advertise a short URL for the event, you can use http://kwlug.org/sfd (which links to a page that links here).


It's the GNU 30th anniversary celebration, and we're registered as a Satellite Event. What does that mean? Zak Rogoff of the FSF tells me "There aren't any requirements for being a satellite event; all it requires is enthusiasm about GNU :)" Conveniently, we have plenty of enthusiasm! --Bob

Other Activities

Tentative ideas, to be finalized --21 Aug 2013 --Bob.

  • Installfest
  • Bring your computer, laptop, tablet(?), phone(!) to get free software installed.
  • Software giveaway
  • Software Q&A session

  • Pick up a CD or DVD with free software, or copy some free software to your USB stick or computer.
  • Open Disc Project should have a new release in time for SFD

  • Free Culture
    • a playlist of genuinely good CC-licenced music: MusicSamplerSFD2013

    • a playlist of genuinely good CC-licenced video/movies
    • a bibliography of genuinely good CC-licenced books


Many thanx to Paul Nijjar for getting SFD organized in K-W, and to Ralph Janke for hosting SFD at Kwartzlab.

Our Sponsors

Kwartzlab Makerspace

The Working Centre

Computer Recycling at The Working Centre


Be A Sponsor!

Would you like to sponsor Software Freedom Day in Kitchener-Waterloo? We could sure use the following:

  • Printing flyers and posters with Software Freedom Day info
  • An ad in the local papers
  • Spindles of blank CDs and DVDs to distribute Free Software
  • Thumbdrives to distribute Free Software (if your company has thumbdrives with your corporate logo, this is a great way to show support for Free Software)
  • Web hosting space so we can continue to distribute Free Software on the Internet
  • A domain name for the web site. sfdkw and softwarefreedomkw are available on all the popular TLDs...

Other Software Freedom Days in Kitchener-Waterloo


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