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Team Christchurch, South Library

Hi there. We are a founding-year (2004) original SFD team - the only one in the world to have run eleven days of SFD events to 2011 :D

You are very welcome to come join our local SFD event team. Our 2011 event details are here: http://www.infohelp.co.nz/sfd11.html

1. For SFD, we use the South Learning Centre 33-PC ICT lab for a day's liveCD networked session of GNU/Linux or BSD free/open software, for demonstration and tuition. Monthly follow-up meetings are run at the same council library venue: details here.

2. For SFD, we use an extra room for FOSS installed demonstration boxes, video screenings and an installfest / repair help session.

3. For SFD, we generate some local news publicity, if not paid advertising. SFD11 e.g. on scoop.co.nz. Sponsors are invited to contact (+64) 027-406-0077.

For an idea of what FOSS is about, watch http://www.tuxradar.com/content/karen-sandler-freedom-my-heart-desktop

Thank you Software Freedom International ~ have a great SFD, all!

~ Kia ora koutou kaatoa


SFD Team Christchurch contact: (+064) 027-406-0077

Please let us know if you would like to help out on 17 September, SFD11.

Note SFD front page link

With welcome support from Team Lucid, thanks Henri!


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