Software Freedom Day 2011 in Brno

Location: Red Had Office, Purkyňova 99/71, Brno

Date: September 17th, 2011

Organizer: Red Hat Czech & Linux v Brně


15:00 - Talks and discussion on free software, its use and advantages (more descriptive program will be published soon, send talk proposals to eischmann at redhat dot com)

There will a computer to test you knowledge of free software and Linux. The best scores will get FSD t-shirts!

19:00 - Monthly meeting of Linux v Brně + Ubuntu community meeting in Plzeňský dvůr.

If you plan to visit the second part in the pub, please register! We need to know for how many people we need to make a reservation.

Thank you for visiting! You can take a lot at the event report and pictures.


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