This is the proposed logo for Software Freedom Day 2011, provided by Jeff Lim, Maxus Media & Software Pte. Ltd. of Singapore. This proposed logo is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution Singapore 3.0 license. This means that you are free:

Under the following conditions:

Attribution can be made as part of the legend on the graphic, included in the footer of a web page, or as a comment in the HTML code that displays the logo.

Examples of the logos

Proposed Logo provided by Jeff Lim, Maxus Media & Software Pte. Ltd., Singapore

These logos are available in SVG format. They can be more easily modified using a vector graphics program such as Inkscape, allowing customization for each local teams own site.

Downloadable Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) file containing the logos

Here are the logos bundled into a single SVG file: Proposed Logos SVG file

And here is the Ubuntu font used to create the text (license of the font is included in the zip file): Ubuntu font file


2011.05.20 It has been brought to my attention that the logo version entitled "Logo (for light background colors)" has some white blocks in the text and a white stroke on the hill. These are not visually obvious on a white background, but show up if the logo is on a colored background. I have created a version of just that logo which is completely transparent except for the colored areas: SFDLogo_TransparentBackground SVG file.


2011.06.02 Per requests on the marketing mailing list, Jeff Lim has modified the "print" logo to simplify its color scheme. Here is the latest version: revised provided by Jeff Lim, Maxus Media & Software Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Here is the SVG file: Revised Logos SVG file

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