Limestone Coast 2010

The Limestone Coast Software Freedom Day 2010 Team will host this years
event at the Mount Gambier Public Library, our focus this year will be on
the following:-

 * Open Source Gaming
 * Office and Productivity Applications
 * Home Networking
 * Programming for beginners and Kids.

People will be able to wander around the various stations on the day, and
discover some of the amazing Free software on offer. There may also be one
or two presentations throughout the day on using specific software.

CDs and DVDs containing a selection of Free software will be given away,
along with information on how to safely access more great Free software on
the Internet.

So come along and join your local Limestone Coast team as we demonstrate
and give out Free Software for Education, Business and the Home user.

A copy of the 2010 report & media coverage can be found below.

General Information about Free and Open Source Software

key details to remember:-

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Limestone Coast Linux Users Group & Grant High School


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