Maldives Open Source Society (MOSS)

We are now preparing for SFD 2010. Updates from HQ:

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Our previous activities:

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Launch Party 2010 - On 1st of May 2010 in Majeedhiya School Hall, Maldives Open Source Society (MOSS) organized the Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Launch Party. Everyone was welcome, with an open door for the public. We had around 70 visitors from the public, together we celebrated the new release of Ubuntu, met with friends and made some new friends. In addition we introduced the Ubuntu Lucid Operating System to the new comers on one on one coaching sessions.

World Population Day 2009 - MOSS had a chance to participate in the world population day 2009 event organised By DNP in collaboration with UNFPA. The event took place on 11th July 2009 from 4pm to 11pm. - We booked a small table showcasing a simple game table for children using only FLOSS, basically to let them play games in Edubuntu & distribute Ubuntu 9.04 CDs. - The event participation was a success as many children got accustomed to Ubuntu and enjoyed playing the games. Out of 100 promotional CDs of Ubuntu & Edubuntu, 70 CDs was distributed to selected visitors and others who were interested in the educational games.


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